Talks, streams, and meetups

GlueCon 2023
Gave a talk "Building data-driven APIs at the edge" at Serverless in the Park.
Scaling Transactional Data Globally with Fauna Joined Alex and Brittney on episode 2.5 to talk about my history as a developer advocate and Fauna, a flexible, developer-friendly, tran...
Cloudflare TV - Globally consistent state with Cloudflare Workers and Fauna
Livestream - Custom Discount Codes With Fauna, Tito, and Shopify
Presented the session Data-driven APIs at the edge at API World! Slides are available on Speaker Deck.
Serverless Days Paris - Warmup Event Lambda is dead - long live serverless! There’s no question that AWS Lambda transformed computing. However, as it attempts to become a general-purpose compute so...
Presented the session Bringing Back Active-active Architectures at Moar Serverless! Slides are available on Speaker Deck.
Serverless Chats Episode #99: You already have a Multi-cloud strategy In this episode, Jeremy chats with Rob Sutter about how bottom-up adoption by developers has led to the proliferation of "cloud...
Spoke at the Golang DC meetup
Learn With Jason - User-defined functions in Fauna
Talk: QCon Plus - Multi-cloud microservices with Fauna Slides: available on Speaker Deck
Session speaker at GoDays Berlin "Serverless Ops - Bye-bye Bash, Hello Go!"
Guest spot on "Talking of Books" on Dubai Eye 103.8. Discussed the book "How to Break up With Your Phone".