Interviewed for Polywork blog
Organized ServerlessDays New York
Added tests with Jest to @fauna-labs/fql-utilities
Entered the 29th running of the Marathon des Sables. Wasn't able to prepare as fully as I needed, and ended up withdrawing in stage two after 70 kms with heat stroke, shock, and some pretty nasty f...
Left the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I wasn't ready to take it seriously. I enlisted in the US Army as a private in the Infantry. You might say it was a watershed mome...
Created the "Go Serverless!" workshop to help developers build their first serverless application on AWS using Go. https://golang.serverlessworkshops.io/
Learned Swift to build the first version of WorkFone on iOS.
I learned SQL to work with Microsoft SQL Server (v6 I think?) from Visual Basic during an internship with Royal Insurance. Thanks, Russ! A few years later I found myself working with early versions...
Learned C++ for 15-211, Fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms.
Learned C to write some l33t graphics demos as a junior at the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics. Thanks, Ariel, Billings, and Marshall!
Learned JavaScript while working as a programmer in the Optical Microscopy department at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Thanks, Bo, Eric, and Mike!
Hello, everyone! I lead the DA team at Fauna, the data API for modern applications.
Launched WorkFone - Virtual mobile devices https://twitter.com/workfone/status/723518272088494080
Co-founded Red Tulip Systems, creators of WorkFone virtual mobile devices.
Raised a multinational seed round for WorkFone.